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UNU Golf features virtual golf simulator rentals in Houston, TX and the surrounding areas for both corporate and residential events.

We will set it all up, test it and ensure that everything is working. We also have “caddies” on the ground who make the whole process smooth and enjoyable.

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Trade Shows, Team Building, Employee Appreciation, Customer Appreciation Company Parties, Conventions


Birthday Parties, Weddings, Bachelor/Bachelorette, Private Parties, Graduation Parties


Church Groups, Fundraisers, Charities


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A Virtual Golf Experience Like No Other!

Renting a golf simulator can make golf accessible when it otherwise wouldn’t be. It’s ideal for those that are unable to participate in the sport because of bad weather or lack of time. You can finally play your favorite sport during non-daylight hours with UNU’s virtual golf simulator rentals. Our system literally fits anywhere and can be used by people of all ages.

Since it’s portable, a mobile golf simulator can be used indoors or outdoors and can accommodate any type of space. This simulator enables users to play on different types of games and courses, each one being more unique than the last!


Mobile Golf Simulator Rentals in Houston, TX

The term “golf simulator” refers to a system that tries to mimic real-world golfing in an indoor setting. Renting this kind of simulator is a great way to play some extra rounds when it’s too cold or simply too dark outside.

While it can be used indoors, the most ideal circumstances for this type of simulator are outside. It’s possible to use it on a bright day if there is anywhere with enough sun for employees or customers to play. This makes it perfect for any type of corporate or personal event. It is also ideal for those who have been wanting to learn how to play but cannot dedicate enough time during the weekdays.

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A Houston, TX golf simulator rental is a great way to play some extra rounds when it’s too cold or simply too dark outside. Rent a golf simulator in Houston, TX from UNU Golf to take your event/outing to the next level!